We are Spannuth Boilers

Spannuth Boilers is an online magazine dedicated to providing readers with the latest news, reviews, articles, and how-to guides in home décor, architecture, construction, and landscaping. We also give you the inside scoop on real estate activities like marketing, home staging, house flipping, and selling. We also explore new and exciting building materials and construction processes, and take a hard look at renewable and sustainable practices in architecture.

With our in-house team of industry insiders, we give accurate and expert opinions on all things construction. Our writers and editors have over 50 years of combined experience and are knowledgable in the intricacies of remodeling, house flippine, construction, architecture, and design.

Jason M. Grayson

Jason has been in the construction business for over 20 years, having cut his teeth as a teenager working in his father’s construction crew. He pursued architecture in college, graduating from a prestigious university in the east coast. His clients have described him as a “visionary” and “master builder”, with his designs focusing on sustainable practices and building homes that can stand the test of time. He is Spannuth Boiler’s EIC, but when he’s not managing our online magazine, he is a consultant for some of the country’s top architectural firms and is a known expert on marrying aesthetics with sustainability.

Elizabeth Beveridge

Remodeling expert and professional house flipper,Elizabeth has garnered acclaim for her flipping skills, which she accomplishes in record time and with minimal crew, regardless of the size of the project. She credits her skills to a no-nonsense attitude; she’s willing to break things in order to make new, beautiful things. Elizabeth is also a licensed real estate agent, carpenter, and contractor, not to mention a graduate of an Ivy League school with a degree in Interior Design. Although she considered taking her Masters of Fine Arts in Design, her true calling of remodeling houses reigns supreme.

Seb Myers

Seb has been interested in green architecture and technology since he was a child. A bit of a wunderkind, he got the attention of some of the country’s top architectural and engineering firms when he was in high school, thanks to a paper he wrote that predicted the Internet-Of-Things phenomenon years before it came into existence. When he’s not writing for us, he works with a top aerospace engineering company designing sustainable housing and renewable energy sources for Man’s inevitable move into outer space.

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