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Designing a Layered Home: Tips and Tricks

Home improvements have been the trendiest thing lately, given that most people around the world are either stuck at home or are opting not to go outside as the pandemic lingers on. It’s all about making the home cozier and more conducive to work, school, and family time. One proven and tested way to achieve

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Exterior renovation of a modern house and construction equipments

Speed Up Your Home Remodeling Project

House remodeling, whether it is from the ground up or just a small room, can take a lot of work. This can cause problems if there are delays or the work is too slow. For example, you might end up with no place to stay after your rental period expires in your temporary place. The

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How Far Does Your Household Really Go To Manage Water?

Water is a basic need for human survival. Besides drinking fresh water every day, we use it to clean our bodies, equipment, and surroundings. Thus, when people talk of water management, we associate it with our consumption in relation to the environment or collective resource levels. But that’s only one facet of the problem. Every

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Getting Rid of Pests at Home: Uncovering the Breeding Grounds

It can be fulfilling to know that you managed to provide your family with a safe and healthy home. There is no maintenance task or household chore that could become an obstacle because you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform them yourself. You can even pursue renovation or home improvement ideas to make

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10 Amazing Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

Garages and carports are major parts of many houses these days. In some cases where a property has no garage, homeowners would typically just have a commercial carport canopy system installed on their property. But on properties that do have built-in garages, a lot of homeowners don’t pay much attention to them. A lot of garages

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Worthy Additions to a Simple Home: Projects for the Bored

Since the lockdowns began, everyone went on full speed to repair, remodel, and reconfigure their dwelling places. It is not a surprising move, for sure. Everyone is starting to realize that there is a high chance we will be spending more time in the new normal. People will be spending the majority of the time inside their own homes

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