Flooded transportation sign with road barriers on a cloudy day.

Flooding 101: Its Causes, Effects, and Methods of Control

In August 2005, New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, leaving in her wake some 1,464 dead and up to $70 billion worth of property damages. The threat of flooding continues to this day when we’re well in our way into reproducing animals and humans artificially. Floods have devastating consequences, affecting communities, economies, people, animals,

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Glass doors and windows

Alternatives for Using Hardware to Secure Your Glass Sliding Door

Nothing will bring natural light into your indoors more than glass sliding doors. These doors are easily stackable thus maximizing your indoor space, offer spectacular views, come in varying designs and configurations and are stylish. They are your perfect choice if you want a seemingly unhindered transition between your indoors and the outdoors. Even with

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These 4 Essential Factors for a Great Staircase

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your current one, the staircase is a fundamental house fixture you should factor in with the interior design. Known mostly for its function of connecting one floor to another, staircases add a design element to the house as well. Along with the hallway, it often determines the

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