What Americans Have Been Renovating During the Pandemic

  According to the Bank of America data, many Americans have done DIY home projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of them are millennials. Half of them relied on home renovation videos available online. Meanwhile, some of them watched television shows that gave tips on how to redesign their homes. Those who engaged in DIY projects

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succulents on a coffee table

Home Improvement: Bringing a Touch of Nature to Your Home

Nature can heal anyone. It can have significant impacts on a person’s well-being. In this case, why don’t you try bringing in some nature in your home? A little touch of nature can make a difference. This post will help you understand how nature can reverse the unpleasant feelings that you have. It is best

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struggling sleeping

Are You Struggling to Sleep Lately?

Sleep is how people recharge, and with an insufficient amount of sleep, you will suffer from an imbalance and even life-threatening diseases. Now that we are almost at the two-year mark of the pandemic, can you honestly tell yourself that you have been sleeping well as you should be? The pandemic did not only show

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wedding concept

Non-traditional Venue Ideas for Your Micro-wedding

A micro-wedding is a perfect excuse to hold your nuptials in a non-traditional and totally unexpected location. Many of us have had it with the backyard weddings, gardens, churches, and other commonplace venues that bring nothing new to the table. If you’re tired of typical venues couples use for their wedding, here are some creative and non-traditional

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home design

Improving Your Home in Summer: What You Can Do

Feel a warm welcome whenever you lounge around the different areas of your home. Many homeowners have been improving their homes during the quarantine period. Recently, home improvement trends on social media have increased in popularity. Given the extended time people have been spending at home, people need a breath of fresh air in their

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